About the Training Division

The central purpose and role of the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Training Division is to develop, deliver, and facilitate training which promotes professionalism and competency within the ranks of the Nevada Department of Public Safety divisions thereby enhancing the individual and collective ability to provide service to the citizens of the State of Nevada. These divisions consist of Highway Patrol, Parole and Probation, Investigations, Capitol Police, and Fire Marshall’s.

The Department as a whole and the Training Division’s obligation is to invest in our people, and education is an investment that reaps benefits for the Department and Nevada citizens alike. An educated workforce can last decades as employees develop the policies and strategies that shape public service; more importantly, they lead organizations serving as mentors and role models to others, passing on what they have learned. Based on this premise, there are two primary aspects of training provided by the Nevada Department of Public Safety Training Division:

1) Basic Law Enforcement Training for newly hired cadets; and
2) Continuing Education and Career Development for both civilian and sworn personnel.

The Training Division provides the highest quality of initial law enforcement training for newly hired sworn officers. This can take up to 22 weeks to complete. Following the initial training, the Training Division also facilitates and assists with the division “specific” training, which can last up to an additional 5 weeks. The Training Division facility is located in Carson City, Nevada and is used to train officers throughout the state. The Training Division structure is designed around paramilitary concepts with stressful situations and scenario based training which emulates realistic events faced by officers in the field.  

The Training Division is also responsible for the continuing education of tenured officers by assisting with the instruction and coordination of the annual Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) mandated training, which is 24 hours per year, per officer. This training includes Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Impact Weapons, Use of Force, and other high liability areas. The Division tracks and documents these yearly training requirements by maintaining a central records section for all Department Peace Officers, which culminates in an annual report that is sent to P.O.S.T. to ensure Department compliance. The Training Division also offers a multitude of courses for Department civilian employees to enhance their skills, and provide career development and continuing education.